Announcing GDS Support for Interactive Seat Maps and Advance Seat Assignments

Darwin Travel Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce support for GDS Interactive Seat Maps (SMPREQ/SMPRES) and Advance Seat Assignments (SBPREQ/SBPRES).

Support for seat map EDIFACT messaging is the latest completed milestone in the Darwin strategy of providing full content and functionality for our airline partners, regardless of their business model.

About Darwin Travel Technology, Inc.

Darwin provides limitless capabilities for small to mid-sized airlines to compete on a global scale through a cloud-based PSS. Co-founded by industry executives with decades of experience in the management and development of commercial aviation IT systems, they are leading a team that is meticulous about industry compliance and know an airline must be able to distribute inventory and product in a manner that is consistent and recognized in the industry. For more information and to schedule a demo, visit