Announcing Support for SSM/ASM Messaging

ORLANDO, FL (Nov. 3, 2020) Darwin Travel Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce support for Standard Schedules Message and Ad Hoc Schedules Message (SSM/ASM).

Among many benefits, schedule processing allows Darwin hosted airlines to send schedule changes in real-time to their GDS and airline partners.  SSM/ASM message processing is another milestone in the Darwin strategy of providing robust support for industry standards in a next-generation cloud-based platform.

About Darwin Travel Technology, Inc.

Darwin provides limitless capabilities for small to mid-sized airlines to compete on a global scale through a cloud-based PSS. Co-founded by industry executives with decades of experience in the management and development of commercial aviation IT systems, they are leading a team that is meticulous about industry compliance and know an airline must be able to distribute inventory and product in a manner that is consistent and recognized in the industry. For more information and to schedule a demo, visit