Darwin PSS and Airline Choice DCS Integration Improves Passenger and Airline Experience

Want to sell ancillary services at the airport but you find it difficult or impossible to capture that information back in your Passenger Service System (PSS)? Want to communicate with your customers in real-time about flight delays or cancelations but your passenger contact information at the airport is limited or non-existent? Providing a seamless passenger experience from ticketing to check-in is challenging when multiple technologies and vendors are utilized. The Darwin PSS and Airline Choice DCS have implemented a bi-directional API integration that provides a solution to these challenges and much more.

Airport Ancillaries

Whether the passenger is checking in at the ticket counter, kiosk or online, the Airline Choice DCS provides a comprehensive pricing engine for selling ancillaries at the airport.  The Darwin PSS captures that ancillary information and incorporates it into the passenger PNR, so the airline has a complete picture of the reservation value.  Additionally, EMD-A documents are issued to ensure the data flows to downline accounting systems.

Enhanced Operational Control

Providing passengers with timely information in the event of a flight disruption is key to managing customer satisfaction.  Airline dispatch teams can now manage flight operational data directly in the Darwin PSS and have the data flow in real-time to the Airline Choice DCS.  This allows the Darwin PSS to leverage passenger profile information to send customized notifications informing them of the disruption.  Furthermore, data is stored indefinitely allowing the airline to report on a passenger’s disruption history.

Real-time Communication

Using traditional PNL/ADL teletype messages to transmit passenger information from the PSS to DCS has limitations.  Message processing delays can result in incomplete or missing data at the airport.  Additionally, passenger information sent to the DCS is limited to only the information allowed in the PNL/ADL data structure.  Darwin is able transmit passenger bookings and changes in real-time to the airport using real-time API links. Additionally, changes at the airport can be sent back to the PSS.  For example, seat assignment changes at the airport can be sent back to Darwin in real-time allowing the PSS and DCS to assign seats until flight check-in is closed.

Solving complex problems with next-generation technologies for the benefit of the airline and its passenger is the shared goal of Darwin and Airline Choice.  To learn about more about these features and others schedule your demo now.

About Darwin Travel Technology, Inc.

Darwin provides limitless capabilities for small to mid-sized airlines to compete on a global scale through a cloud-based PSS. Co-founded by industry executives with decades of experience in the management and development of commercial aviation IT systems, they are leading a team that is meticulous about industry compliance and know an airline must be able to distribute inventory and product in a manner that is consistent and recognized in the industry. For more information and to schedule a demo, visit www.darwin.aero

About Airline Choice

Airline Choice is an industry leading provider of solutions to the commercial aviation industry. Our core focus is centered around streamlined airport operations for passenger handling and effortless compliance with government regulations. From our multi-platform Departure Control System (DCS) with robust merchandising capabilities to an ever-expanding self-service platform, enhancing the passenger experience and optimizing airport operations help you grow.  With today’s ever-changing requirements on passenger data submission, Airline Choice helps you navigate a complex regulatory environment with ease. Over 60 airlines, airports and ground handlers around the world trust Airline Choice to run their airport check in operations 24×7. Find out more on how to reduce complexities, increase airport revenue and improve airport operations at www.airline-choice.com.