Darwin Travel Technology Bridges the Gap for Tier 3 and 4 Airlines

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (February 11, 2020) – Darwin Travel Technology, an innovative data Passenger Services provider for airlines, today announced the official launch of the Darwin PSS product suite.

Co-founded by industry veterans Chris Jessen and Jeff Clift, Darwin Travel Technology is based on the premise that the functionality of legacy passenger service systems (PSS) can be accessed with a next-generation interface and best-in-class technology. Darwin’s goal is to provide Tier 3 and 4 airlines with all the features and benefits of a PSS designed for a Tier 1 airline, at a price point that Tier 4 airlines can afford.

“The systems of yesterday are complicated. Time-consuming. And costly,” said Jessen. “When airlines are shopping for a PSS, they need something fast and secure. The solution must be compliant to IATA standards and it must be able to be implemented quickly and seamlessly, and evolve with the changing business needs of the airlines.”

Jessen said that in many cases the airline PSS is a limiting factor for the airline to maximize revenue.  The Darwin PSS aims to reverse that trend.  Added Clift, “The Darwin PSS is the evolution of the airline reservation system. Regardless of the business model of the airline, the Darwin PSS will provide a platform that maximizes their distribution, can scale as the airline grows, and adapt to their changing business needs”.

Highlights of the Darwin PSS:

  • Support for e-tickets and electronic miscellaneous documents (EMDs) are just two of the many features of the Darwin PSS that provides traditional airline functionality in a next-generation platform.
  • The Darwin white-label Internet Booking Engine (IBE) provides a mobile-friendly website for booking and managing flights and ancillaries.  Implementation can be completed in days, instead of weeks or months.
  • Passenger loyalty is key to an airline’s success; managing the passenger relationship is at the heart of the Darwin PSS. Notify passengers of travel disruptions, provide dynamic pricing or allow them to be notified immediately when their preferred but sold-out flight becomes available.
  • Travel agencies and trusted entities have direct access to manage accounts, pay invoices, and book private fares.

Managing Partner of Darwin Bruce Nierenberg added, “Cloud-based technology is the future of the airline PSS industry. Darwin is the leader in bringing it to Tier 3 and 4 airlines.”

Darwin’s technology is based on a powerful robust network and data infrastructure that can be hosted at 20 data centers around the world and is already trusted by the US Government for highly-sensitive information. Every aspect of the cloud-based Darwin PSS is easily accessible on any standard browser. By leveraging all the power of an established and proven data center, Darwin avoids the overhead costs typical of competitors. In the cloud environment, the physical structure, firewalls, and security are all managed by a multi-billion dollar cloud service, avoiding the cost of a dedicated data center. Airlines will have peace of mind knowing that it’s a hardened, proven infrastructure that is scalable to support any growth they might envision.


Darwin provides limitless capabilities for small to mid-sized airlines to compete on a global scale through a cloud-based PSS. Co-founder and CEO Chris Jessen and Jeff Clift have decades of experience in the management and development of commercial aviation IT systems. They are leading a team that is meticulous about industry compliance and know an airline must be able to distribute inventory and product in a manner that is consistent and recognized in the industry. For more information and to schedule a demo, visit www.darwin.aero